Starting at $5K

Pod People will
  • Present the current audio landscape and what it takes to succeed.
  • Determine how audio can help achieve your specific business goals.
  • Brainstorm a variety of creative show ideas of creative show ideas.
  • Create a multi-year roadmap for your holistic audio strategy.

Audio Strategy

Brands are capitalizing on the audio revolution

As the fastest growing content, every (smart) brand is developing an audio strategy.

Why? Because digital audio listeners are educated, young, inquisitive folks who want to support the brands that resonate with them. And in our current world (where time is the new currency), consumers love that they can listen and learn while they’re on the go.

We’ll work with you to thoroughly understand your brand values and craft a thoughtful audio strategy aligned with your content goals that stands out from the noise. (And it’s still early days — there’s room for high-quality podcasts of all genres to break through, if it's done right!)

You'll walk away with a roadmap for your brand's smartest play across original, sponsored, and advertising audio verticals including an outline for your flagship show, a target list of podcasts you should be sponsoring, and a multi-year expansion plan to effectively reach and engage the right audience, at the right time, with the right goal.