Starting at $4K

per episode
Pod People will
  • Handle everything from concept to launch.
  • Craft the ideal show format for your goals.
  • Handpick the perfect production team.
  • Make your editorial vision a reality.

Full-Service Production

Let Pod People take the wheel

With our full-service production, we’ll help craft a brilliant show format that stands out from the noise, while highlighting your brand values and achieving your content goals. Most importantly, we’ll manage the entire project from concept to launch.

Telling a well-crafted story via audio alone is tough. You don’t have visual cues to rely on, being talented on mic is different than on camera, and keeping the listener captivated without imagery can be challenging. But, when done right, it’s proven to be the stickiest, intimate and engaging type of content out there.

Pod People has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. We’re trusted by Twitter, Netflix, Samsung, Meredith Corporation, Intuit, Spotify and more to make their best-in-class audio. And we’d love to make yours.

If you just need some help getting started, we can help you develop the show format, produce the first few episodes, and then hand it off to your capable team.